Meet the Team

Now although we are a small team.  We wear many hats.  Watch us as we grow...


The Poker Boy

H. Town Jack

Hip Hop & Poker Culture brings you its very own creation:

The Poker Boy-----aka----H. Town Jack

Turning it out with his King Creation called "Poker Music"

With the combination of The Poker Boy and Dei Poitt Productions

The Mix Hits The Pot.......


Dei Poitt

Dei Poitt

CEO of Dei Poitt Productions

Dei Poitt, obviously founder of dp Productions comes at it from an entertainers prospective.  Building music from the inside out.  Being a singer first and then a producer just might be the flavor that sets Dei Poitt aside from the rest.  Whatever the case one word "Authentic"

E is the Artist

E The Artist

Artist Designer & Event Coordinator.


E has that sharp eye that pierces through the core of any situation or picture of a situation.    We are so happy to have him as apart of the team here at dp Productions.