The dp HeadQuarterz

The dp Family

This is all about us.. At heart I'm just an artist who loves to inspire others.   When I do my music its with passion and str8 from my heart and my life..  Well so do GoodAzzMusic Crew..  SlimCapone has been apart of it almost since the beginning.  Its always been a pleasure to work with him.  He's on Point and professional and fun as hell.  Then there is The Poker Boy.  No other like em.  The Poker Professional that spit rhymes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I learn so much from him.... And then there is Mr. Jon Woods....  Don't let that name fool you.  He Got that hood in em.. lol    I call him the Jack Of All Trades cause he aint afraid of doing everything.  a director, actor, rapper, producer, and on top of that,  He could teach Robin Hood how to shoot straight. lol    And I can't forget Trigga.   He blows in and out.  But every single time he brings a hit or two with em.  He's Family,  and he's gonna blow up like the rest of us.     

So Check out the vids and pics.   More and More will be added as time goes on so its all good.   Thanks for being apart of our Family. 

Baby Girl by Dei Poitt

This is still one of the most personal songs I have ever written.   I wrote it at a time that my daughter was growing into a woman and experiencing the hardships of life that comes with it.   This song was my word to her during those times.  And Still Is..   "Baby Girl