The Poker Boy

By The River

The Poker Boy

I started playing poker during family reunions and when times got hard even more so to get away from it all, and eventually as a hobby.  After becoming really good at it, it became a hustle, and soon after that, a dream and a passion.   from WV,  Looking up to guys like Daniel Negreanu, born July 26, My daughters birthday, I  became a Poker Dealer.   Growing up,  me and all my boys used to hang out and free-style. Designer came out with a song called “Panda",  and after hearing it a couple times I just started going Poker, Poker Poker, in my freestyles. .  I was hooked after that”.  One major influence at that time was Dizzy Wright.  His combination of Positive lyrics (progressive thinking) and hard work and determination set me on my path to create my own wave of Progressive Thinking  (Poker Music).

One day during a time when I was feeling really lost.  I was reading a scripture that said "Whatever you do, do it with all of your might”.   At that point the light came on in my head.  I want to be a Professional Poker Player.
So I started watching online videos like “Blake Eastman” Beyond Tells” and subscribed to Youtube Channels like Kid Poker Doug Polk, and Alec Torelli I soon learned about the Mizrachi Academy in Hollywood Florida which now is called WSOP Academy.  I joined the Academy and really began to learn my craft.
My Sister put me on to rap music when I was 10 years old by introducing me to Tupac.   This Combination of Poker and Love of Hip hop really set me on my path.   With influences like,  Tupac, lil Wayne, JayZ, Snoop Dog, Jada Kiss and T.I, etc..   It was only natural to marry my love of hip hop with my love of poker.    Thus, "Poker Music"

I’ve now recently moved to Las Vegas.   Where I a met my now friend neighbor and producer  Dei Poitt at Dei Poitt Productions…   We are now;  as I write this bio,  putting together the hottest tracks with that fresh new sound of Poker Music.  We invite you on this journey with us.   Subscribe to our mailing lists and youtube channel. And become apart of this sweeping Poker Music Culture.  Lets Do it….