Artist Prodigy Of Our Time

E uses Fine Art Photo Illustration drawing's All with the (#2 Pencil)

She Sits & She Ponders:

This drawing captures the intimacy of the moment of both vulnerability and power of thought.   She is naked but somehow not without power of mind and spirit.


by:  E is The Artist

Artist Of Our Times


This one drawing captures the beauty and promise of Africa.  In the shape of his head and face you can see both youth and wisdom.   He is young but he is Africa....


By:  E is The ARtist

Artist Of Our Times

Black Massiah

This work of art is spiritually provocative.   The Black Massaiah.  The two doves represent the Father and the Holy Spirit thus The Trinity...  Even to those who oppose such an idea must admit one thing.   This is a Provocative Masterpiece!     


By:  E is The Artist


Artist Of Our Times

E, The Artist

So who is E? and why do they call him that?  what does it stand for?

Well I'm not gonna tell you.    Cause E says enough.  His art is Engaging, Energizing, EverEvolving and Exact.   You would think he was standing there taking the photo himself.    His credits include:

Went to East  Virginia University  Bachlors of Fine Artis.  Minors in Art History / Art Education.. Received 3 State Awards As Best Illustrator of Black Art.  He taught Art to runaway and abused kids and his credits and contributions to the community keeps getting longer.   

E's Art Transcends race but dives straight into the Culture of the eyes behind the Face of the Black Community.  

E Is The Artist
The Real Aunt Jermima
By: E Is The Artist

The Real Aunt Jermima

See how the in depth Artist mind of "E"  digs in deeper into the well known and often commercial image of "Aunt Jermima"  E goes outside the box by diving deeper into it.    From the classic  Aunt Jermima on a box of pancakes to the real life image of the woman of her times.  Look at the combination of Strength and Tenderness that she posses. 

She is the True:   "Mother Of America"