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Dei Poitt


B E T,  by Dei Poitt

Welcome to my Site.   I'm Dei Poitt..

If you have not already please subscribe above by leaving your name and e-mail.  We want to keep you posted on whats happening with our Artist as well as give you updates on the latest in house Beats for you to use for your next project.

Here at Dp Productions we aim to do more than just entertain you.   We want to feed your spirit and your mind as well.    Music is Spirit and so are you and I.   We will continue to bring to you our very best from the depths of our soul's.     Check out "The Poker Boy"   Now yes he is on that Poker Lingo but he has much more to say than that and is a sure crossover artist.     Myself I will keep writing and rhyming and opening up to you more.  Bringing you into that back rooms of the Productions Studio and let you see how we do it live.

One Love,  One heart.    Dei Poitt Productions..