Top Industry Standard Production

Do you need a Production Studio to record your next project.   Please consider working with me here in my home studio here on the Vegas Strip.   Competitive Pricing and Top Quality Production & Beats.

Services from $25 hour, package deals available upon request.  Let me know how many hours you need to work and we can find a good price for you. .

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Vocal Isolation Booth

Do you need vocals on your project?   background vocals included as part of service upon request.        Closed doors vocal booth sessions.

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Get Your Beats Here

Need Beats?   I got you right here,  Check us out,  If you like it,  download it here.  Beat Leasing $20 per beat..  $200 to Purchase for ownership.   Free downloads available also

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Introducing:  Dei Poitt

I'm From Chicago Ill.  Raised by a Single Mom who did the best she could in very difficult times like many of us grew up.   I had one of the Grandmothers who kept us in Church whenever we were with her which was a lot.   And that's where I started singing at the age of 5.   I would get away from my other siblings and pretend to have a concert where I would just make up songs.   So here we are today and the more things change the more they stay the same.     Here I am still at it.  Only this time with everything I got and sum.  I'm often compared to D' Angelo &  or Prince or Outcast.   I'll take that compliment.    I feel like I've been singing all my life but actually Producing for only 10 years.   And I feel like I'm just getting started.  So look for Dei Poitt...  aka dp Productions.   Look for Poker Music, H. Town Jack,  coming strong with that new sound.    Check out the dp Blog.   I will open up a bit more and talk about life as a struggling artist and The Poker Boy is going to pull back the curtains and show us life as a Poker Boy/ Rapper.     Lets do this.....


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We are at an age were the world stage can now finally turn to the average man and give a platform to even the most lowly of artist..

Dei Poitt